Replacing a Cracked Lumix DMC-ZS3 Screen

Last year I bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 (also known as the DMC-TZ7) and have loved the camera. It has an amazing 12x zoom, takes great pictures, and does 720p video. If you are in the market for a camera, I would recommend the new version of it, the Lumix DMC-ZS7 which has GPS tagging and is currently cheaper on Amazon.

About a month ago, I cracked the screen on it. The camera still worked, but since there is no viewfinder I could never see what I was getting pictures of or adjust any settings. It made it really hard to get good pictures, especially when trying to use the zoom.

I ordered a new screen from and it works great. If you need a screen for this camera, I would recommend buying it there.

It is a bit tricky to replace the screen though. Luckily, I found a video that shows all the steps. The text is in German, but you can see all the steps which is all you really need.

The only difference I found from this video was that the screen I bought did not have the metal bezel around it that the one in the camera and in the video. All I had to do was remove the bezel and put it on the new screen and it follow the rest of the steps the same as the video.

Total it took me about 20 minutes to replace the screen, and then it was working perfectly.

5 thoughts on “Replacing a Cracked Lumix DMC-ZS3 Screen”

  1. Help! I am in the process of replacing my screen for the same camera. I already have the screen. The video is helpful, but I can’t get my screws to budge! Any tips?

    (Sorry…I posted this on the wrong page first)
    ps…I am using a small screwdriver…

    1. You have to use the right size screwdriver. It is easy to use one that is too big, but it will just strip the screws and make it impossible to get them out.

      I bought a set of small screwdrivers that I used. Once you have the right size, and you will know when it fits right, you just need to get some good torque on them. I used a set of pliers to grab mine. Just make sure the screwdriver fits well! If it doesn’t, using pliers will just strip the screws even more and make it really hard.

      Good luck! My repair worked well and I hope yours does too.

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