Introducing my latest website project: Flying Pie Notifier.

If you aren’t from Boise, Flying Pie is an amazing pizza place and has been my favorite for years. In addition to having amazing pizzas, they have something called It’s Your Day. Each day they have a different person’s name. If it is your name, you can come in and make your own pizza.

I did It’s Your Day a while ago and had a lot of fun. But I always forgot to look online and see when my name or my friend’s names were coming up. So I decided to make a website to remind myself.

Right now, you can go to and sign up. Just enter your email address and the name you want to be notified about and you will get a notification sent to you when your name is coming up. You can also sign up to get a weekly reminder of the It’s Your Wednesday group (and maybe some other things soon).

I am working on adding in some extra features, so let me know if there is anything you want. I would love to hear any comments or suggestions.